ISO 9001:2000

TÜV Austria EN ISO 9001 Tehno filter d.o.o.Techno filter Ltd acquired the certificate of ISO 9001, which defines the quality management system, the employer’s responsibility, resource management, product realization, measurement and analysis.

He proves compliance of our company with strict international standards of quality business organization.

ISO 9001 certification brings many benefits, both for the company and for its clients and business partners:

  • achieving and maintaining the quality of the product – the customer can be assured that his requirements in relation to the product will be filled
  • ensuring customer confidence in the quality – a customer is sure to be the same quality of product or service every time he does business with the company
  • increase the motivation of employees – employee satisfaction, competitive company that operates in accordance with international standards
  • reducing costs – reducing the risk of product warranties, technical control costs, the number of dressing and incompatible products, and new employees quickly and easily trained to work
  • distinction in relation to the competition – certification which become requirement for business cooperation in many countries, public and private organizations.