TFK LA Series filter unit , the devices are primarily intended for the extraction of harmful fumes generated in the laser cutting . Can be used as a filter unit for the extraction of smoke generated by welding .

Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 15012 and have the option of returning air to the workspace which is a big advantage and provides us with saving heat in the winter .

They are very compact and robust design , exhaust fan is located in the housing of the filter unit . The casing is made of molded panels.

Horizontal implanted filter cartridges make maintenance simple and saves valuable time when performing the same .
The cartridges are made of high quality material nanofiber technology Ultra – WEB .
Nanofiber technology provides us with a longer lifespan cartridges , low pressure drops , much greater durability , efficiency and property cleaning .

For information about the devices , help or advice contact Techno Filter Ltd. technical department .

Filteri sa otprašivanje TFK LA - Tehno filter d.o.o.Filteri sa otprašivanje TFK LA - Tehno filter d.o.o.TFK Laser Filter Unit Front - Tehno filter d.o.o.

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