Mobile vacuum TFM is used for extraction of fumes and smoke in the welding.We use it when it is not economically justified installation of central filter unit for extraction of harmful gases (filter unit TFK).
A perfect device for your workshop that helps protect the environment and the health of your employees.

Model TF-Z1
Flow 1380 m3/h
Filter efficiency 95.0%
Filtration area 11 m2
Power 1.1 KW, 230/400V 50Hz
Cleaning of the filter cartridges Manually
Radius of action 2 m (depends on the length of exhaust arms)
Performance exhaust arm 360 ° swiveling arm with flexible hoses
Filter cartridge D=325, h=600mm
Dimensions 1000 x 600 x 1200 (d x š x v) + exhaust arm
Weight 140 kg

TF-Z1 model - Tehno filter d.o.o.TF-Z1 model - Tehno filter d.o.o.

TF-Z1 - Tehno filter d.o.o.TF-Z1 - Tehno filter d.o.o.TF-Z1 - Tehno filter d.o.o.TF-Z1 - Tehno filter d.o.o.

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